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‘Alternative Learning Center’ For Sabah Inland People.

‘Alternative Learning Center’ for Sabah Inland People.

Alhamdulillah last Friday 9th of March, several team members of HaRum Sandakan had visited an alternative school for undocumented members of society located at Jalan Gereja, Batu 8 Sandakan. This time around we had some help from a local humanitarian activist Yunizam Yusop (Abam Botak).












Based on our interview with the one and only teacher at the school, we were informed that there were other teachers teaching at the school before, however they left after a few months and did not continue to teach after that. Feeling sympathy and sorry for the kids he willingly and sincerely offered to continue teaching the kids at the school. During our visit, there were around 30 students studying at the school. We were touched and moved by the spirit and determination shown by the students to learn and gain knowledge despite all the setbacks, deficiencies with inadequate learning material and infrastructure.

With only basic teaching utensils such as workbook, pencil and chalk that was contributed by certain parties such as Bro Yunizam and the local church he continued his righteous effort in ensuring that each students at the school were not left out in their education.

Hence, we from HaRum team together with Bro Yunizam team contributed what little gifts we can in terms of books and stationaries to the dedicated teacher and students here at the school.

At the same time we took the opportunity to visit a nearby house occupied by a very special boy named Mohd Nizam. This 2 years old boy was diagnosed with blood clot in the brain and after surgery the doctors confirmed that he has no sign of full recovery.

We pray that Allah SWT preserve and bestow His bountiful mercy to Mohd Nizam’s family, the teacher and all the students at the school.

Deep in our hearts, we were overwhelmed and saddened looking at the impoverished state of surrounding area. We could only imagine the hardship for those that were actually living in that state. With very little that we can afford to provide to the people living here, our prayers goes out to them in a hope that Allah provide them with His sustenance and bounties, as He is where all hope lies.

This little note is just a small account of the sorrows and hardship of the day to day lives of the people that were left out or neglected in Sandakan Sabah.

I admire and respect the sacrifice that Bro Yunizam Yusop and his friends has taken in spreading love in the spirit of humanity to those in need here in Sandakan. May Allah reward them in abundance and give them strength to continue in this righteous effort.

My hope is that humanitarian mission that spreads love such as this take its rightful place in the hearts of all people from all communities ignoring race and ethnicity, because whatever race or religion we are, we are part of the human race that must not isolate or disregard each other.

For those that wish to contribute to this righteous and noble cause may do so directly with us or Bro Yunizam through the following contacts.

HaRum Sandakan : 011-14749386

Bro Yunizam Yusop : 014- 8333310


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