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Charity Show Jibam Celebrate 100 Orphans.

Charity show Jibam celebrate 100 orphans.

All praise to Allah, JIBAM, Charity movie screening with orphans has been conducted successfully on December 19th, in the mmCineplexes cinema, eCurve, Damansara, Petaling Jaya. This first ever project organized by HaRUM involves about 100 orphans aged 3-12 years old, from 4 orphanages as follows:

1. Pertubuhan Kebajikan Ehsan Ash-Shakur (PEKEAS)
2.Rumah Kasih Harmoni, Paya Jaras
3.Persatuan Pertubuhan Islam Buah Hatiku, Cheras
4.Pertubuhan Kebajikan Nur Hati, Ampang












They arrived at eCurve as early as 10 am, with cheerful faces and then breakfast was served . While waiting for the show to start at 11 am, they were surprised by the appearance of the main actor, Mohd Ariff Abdullah @ Jibam together with several other actors. Also present were the Director of Jibam, Che Mie and the cartoonist and author of Jibam’s novel, Ujang together with representatives from the production company. The atmosphere was jubilant with the cheerful laughter of the children especially when watching the behaviour of Jibam and Tok Ngah Sudin.







After the show ends, the children did not miss the opportunity to take pictures with all of the actors. After the photography session, the president of HaRUM, Mr. Syed Khairul Mizan handed over cash donations to all orphanages that have participated.

Next, a press conference was held and attended by Melodi, NSTP, Harian Metro and Berita Harian.
Harum’s President stated that the objective of this project was to commemorate and celebrate the life of orphans besides raising funds for Tabung Kasih Nusantara for Harum’s humanitarian mission in various places. Meanwhile, Esma Daniel expressed her gratitude on behalf of the actors and production
crew for choosing Jibam which indirectly giving them the opportunity to contribute in a positive way for this charity project.

After lunch break, the orphans was brought on a tour to National Science Center and was also given goody bags. Eventhough they were all tired they still looked jovial, happy and in high spirit. The program ended at 5 PM.






Out utmost gratitude to all sponsors, Kaya Lima Trading Sdn Bhd, Mom’s House Bukit Jelutong and My Coffee Shoppe Restoran & Katering for taking the opportunity with HaRUM in making this event a successful one.We pray that all their efforts be blessed and that Allah grant them wealth in abundance.

This program has also successfully created good ties between Harum, artist, media representative, NGO and
private bodies. We hope that this kind of collaboration could be continued in the future.

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