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Communion Of Cognate Fraternity

Communion of Cognate fraternity

Sollu Alan Nabi

Throughout our excursion in Philippines for carrying out oblation mission, we saw a very beautiful and harmonious scene. All volunteers join hands, empower and give their whole Love soul to all that will be assist even though we are all from different backgrounds of race, culture, religion and education.

We have never seen such a union in any oblation mission, really consensus on work and surrounded with family atmosphere. We in HaRUM emphasize a concept of : Organization is only a form. However, the content is we are families that trying to bring a joy to others. Started from beef distribution activities to districts around the city which experiencing crisis, food preparation and serving food. We did everything together.

For oblation in Philippines, we at HaRUM took the Imams advice who said that it’s nessesary to distribute the oblation meat to non-Muslims too because the crisis victims were not merely Muslim, those who were non-Muslims also a victims. As a result, it has had a good impact on non-Muslims in their perception of Islam.

They claimed that Islam is a religion that emphasizes peace and joy. Giving help regardless of anyone. It is also a turning point for the unification of our work in Philippines along with non-Muslim NGOs there. Their excitement for the hassle free when dealing with us makes them gave 100% sincerity in fulfilling the Love for Southern Philippine Oblation Mission.

We are from the same roots. Provenience of the Nusantara’s. Pinch right thigh, left thigh can feel hurt too. The pain they go through, we can feel it. When we happy, they also deserve it. The unity of this conjuncture should be protect, keep the seedlings grow to reconcile the love and peace as were written in history.

Thank you for the honors, cooperation and hospitality. Without your support, this mission sure have many shortcomings.

Thank you to MinSuPala NGO, KP Iligan, KP Marawi, KP Lanou and KP Zamboanga

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