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Conflict In Sulu – Negotiations Needed

Conflict in Sulu – Negotiations Needed

A War, brought a massive destruction and suffering towards humanity especially to children, women and the elderly. Many would be killed and hurt. If a war takes place, a long term suffering will occur and it would then cause poverty, cluster of life, loss of family members, loss of shelters and they would then become refugees at all around the world.

The Philippine’s news portal had reported a series of attacks by the army through land, sea and air with all kinds of modern equipments in Basilan and Sulu in reason to awake the Abu Sayyaf terrorists group. These aggressive actions will cause a massive number of casualties, not only from Abu Sayyaf but also from the innocents. From the past fieldworks made by HaRUM, there were numerous facts that did not highlight the true events happening there including the news regarding Abu Sayyaf.


These attacks, if not been handled properly, would bring Sulu to the twilight of war and a massive unexpected destruction that would then halt the process for peace that had been done by a number of honest individuals before, in the name of justice and Sulu’s freedom based on facts and their historical background.

This had obviously conflicted the human rights and the principal where Sulu’s locals should have the rights to speak and oppose any legal basis that does not agree with the justice for their people and homeland, causing Sulu’s locals to stand up for their oppressed rights. They were united to oppose the attacks and this event have not been seen before. This is truly a tragedy for humankind and is currently a situation that can cast a serious tension and danger to the region, if it is not contained.

Thus, due to love, humanity and justice, HaRUM calls for all sides including country leaders and NGOs especially in Nusantara (South East Asia), to unite in action to be a role in creating surveillance and holding a negotiation between both sides in preventing the war from heating further. We still have the time to prevent this situation before it become too late and brings danger, not only for Philippines, but also for the whole Nusantara region.

We have to stay alert in order to prevent the heat from the Middle East’s war move to this beloved Nusantara region as it would bring sufferings and destructions that could not been imagined. May Allah protects and bless the Nusantara with love, peace and prosperity.

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