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HaRUM is an NGO which not only runs humanitarian missions, but also collaborates with other parties to solve conflicts that plague the archipelago. One of the issues that caught HaRUM’s intention is the conflict in Southern Philippines which involves the Sulu province. Since 2012, HaRUM had sent several delegations to the Sulu province to get a closer look at what is actually happened there.

Apart from performing humanitarian missions, HaRUM also had the opportunity to meet with the local government to cooperate and help to raise awareness on the real issues of Sulu to the world. HaRUM’s discovered prove that the media, especially the Western media, does not truthfully show  with the actual reality happening in Sulu

HaRUM’s first step was to register Sulu as a member of UNPO in 2014. This is so that the issues in Sulu can be resolved in adherence to the international laws.

During the 12th General Assembly in Brussel, Belgium which happened on 2-4 July 2015, UNPO had officially accepted Sulu as a member of the organisation. UNPO also handed its official flag to Sulu’s representative as a symbol of recognition from the international body on the province’s peaceful and non-violent settlement efforts. Sulu’s resolution was also read for the first time at the conference.

HaRUM’s efforts have begun to show positive outcome. Hence, in the 13th General Assembly here in Edinburgh, a representative of Sulu, MrGammar A. Hassan made a presentation and reading of Sulu’s resolution for the second time to open up action on negotiations with the Philippine government to create peace not only in Sulu, but also regional security.

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