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This is the first official meeting between HaRUM team and Ikatan Pengamal Perubatan & Kesihatan Muslim Malaysia (i-Medik) Sabah ngo, represented by Dr. Sobri as Deputy Chairman of I-Medik with three representatives.

I-Medik is a non-profit organization established in 2014 where its members are comprised of doctors, nurses, medical practitioners, and dentists from all over Malaysia. Their mission is to pioneer the Islamic medical agenda based on identity, education, research and humanitarian activities.

All praise to Allah, throughout the introduction and discussion session held, i-Medik team showed their interest in establishing collaboration with HaRUM. Insyallah in April 2018, HaRUM Sabah will conduct a humanitarian mission named “Medical & Dental Awareness Camp” in Samporna lead by Cik Shaffiyah as the Project Manager.

Beside i-Medik, Women’s Association Pulau Omdal (WAPO), Iskul Sama Dilaut Omadal, Tinagayan Samporna Youth Club (KeBat) and several other NGOs will also collaborate. Mr. Hj Samin from YADIM is also keen to participate in this project.

At the same time, i-medik also expressed their intention to collaborate with HaRUM in providing their services and expertise in medical field for HaRUM humanitarian mission especially in Southern Philippines in the future.


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