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“When HaRUM has a mission to Marawi again, do not forget to inform me, I would like to participate.” said Tuan Haji Samin, Director of YADIM Sabah with enthusiasm when Tn Sayed Khairul Mizan President of HaRUM shared his experience during a mission in Marawi.

For this meeting, HaRUM was personally invited by Tuan Haji Samin, Director of YADIM Sabah to his house to discuss and exchange ideas and opinions in order to look for any collaboration opportunities for future humanitarian activities and missions. Tn Hj Yussup Nanong, who is one of the Sabah HaRUM Advisors, was also present.

Tn Haji Samin is well known as a highly active and experienced individual in carrying out various welfare and humanitarian activities primarily in Sabah.

All praise to Allah, Tn Haji Samin gave a very positive response and was happy to work together with us. He also intends to introduce HaRUM to some of his acquaintances who are important individuals in assisting and supporting HaRUM in terms of management and expertise in various fields.


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