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Expand Relationship With Mycare And The Sarawak Society

Expand relationship with Mycare and the Sarawak Society

HaRUM visits to Sarawak received a positive response from the local community. This time we were given a chance to meet up with MyCare Sibu.

MyCare Sibu was represented by their treasurer en Izzat Syafiq with 3 other myCare volunteers, Ustaz Nazmi, Ustaz Syafiq and en Sanusi.

The meeting was initiated with information sharing by HaRUM President with regard to HQ’s works and activities around the archipelago, especially in places where aid is insufficient such as in Marawi, southern philippines that was hit by calamities since the mid of 2017.

MyCare Treasurer, en Izzat Syafiq also shared with us about their experiences in carrying out humanitarian missions they have conducted before such as missions in Palestine, Syria, Mynamar, Marawi, and some other places.

This meeting has resulted in the agreement between the two parties to cooperate in future activities and programs moving together hand in hand on a same platform based on the principle of peace and love mission in the Archipelago specifically in Sarawak.

As a sign of support for HaRUM team, one of the delegates from MyCare Sibu has arranged an hour session for HaRUM Team to share about HaRUM humanitarian mission especially in Marawi, southern Philippines to the congregation of Al-Ashar mosque, Sibu.

All praise to Allah this is a positive move for HaRUM in the effort of establishing cooperation with local NGOs in Sarawak to acomplish peace and love mission in the archipelago, especially in the land of kenyalang.

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