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20 May 2017

HaRUM Sabah organized a community program with the residents of Kg Menunggang Kuala Penyu. The objective of the program is to provide support for the non-muslims and converts in the village.

Around 10 non-muslim families in need have been given help by HaRUM Sabah in the form of basic food necessities. For the converted brothers and sisters, HaRUM Sabah contributed books of Islamic teachings and modest muslimah clothing. Tenaga Team HaRUM Sabah also organized Qasidah with the converts.

We would like to thank Puteri Umno Beaufort District, Group Kasih Sayang and those who contributed in the success of this program. Our deepest gratitude for all the help and assistance provided. May Allah bless all the efforts to all who were involved.

Our deepest gratitude also goes to the volunteers of HaRUM Sabah who have helped in making this program a success. We hope that more programs like this will be held in the future so we can extend our love to those in need. May the humble aid be able to ease those in need.

*Volunteers of HaRUM Sabah*

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