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With gratitude, the Cambodian Government expressed its appreciation to HaRUM for hardship of entering Cambodia through the Vietnamese border to deliver the Qurban and Akikah donation from Malaysia. We were accompanied by the General Nov Sary of the Cambodian military to make this quest successful.

Our spirit of Merdeka is enlivened in the soul as a sign of Malaysian delegation who came to bring peace and unity of nusantara. In addition to the Sea sports season that took place in Malaysia this year.

The ceremony commenced with delivering 10 cows at Kampung Kiv Siema, located one hour from the Vietnam – Cambodian border. Tears accompanied our farewell as we sense the family attachment when we recite our prayer and pray together during our stay here.

Then Next we move to the Maahad Tahfiz Al Quran Ustaz Ariffin to deliver the musical instruments to school for Maulid event and Qurban cows. Two of our volunteers stay here for few day to help them in learning of basic foundation of islam how to play the instrument for qasidah.

Then we went to few more locations nearby AlMubarak Mosque and then we proceed to next location to the Senoul Mosque which located far inland deliver the Qurban meats. We were welcomed with lunch prepared by the locals, although living in poverty, they still welcome us as guests with joy and happiness.

We felt grateful for the opportunity ALLAH gave us to serve our country Malaysia in collaboration with the Cambodia government through General Nov Sary for humanitarian and Qurban missions this year. There is nothing that can buy a happiness that bound with ALLAH.

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