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9 am, All volunteers from few NGO were escorted to the Illegan City Mayor’s Office.

We were asked to register at the mayor’s office to get permission to enter the temporary residences of Marawi for the purpose of safety of all and preventing us from being barred by the military to get there.

Upon arrival, we have been taken to several places for the distribution of donation items. There are six temporary relief center we went, Iliganon, Purok Coca Cola, Purok San Antonio, Purok Kalayaan, Tambakan (Alawi) and Tibanga, where the total number of families we have met and donated were more than 500 families.

Only God knows what we all felt when delivering the  donations to victims of the crisis in Malawi. Seeing them so happy and touched when foreign NGOs willing to come and lend their help to them. Some families also said they did not expect anything from us because its more than enough that our presence made them feel calm and reduced the burden and pressure they faced. There are also some who surprised to know that we are from Malaysia because many outsiders afraid come here due to security factor even the people of Philippines were afraid to come there.

On average we see them living in destitute and hardships, lack on everything. They really need help from all of us as most of them have no source of income and permanent jobs. Some of the victims also asked whether HaRUM provides business capital assistance because they are now feel embarrass because they have to expect sympathy and help from public to survive.

Tomorrow we will be taken to some temporary placements. Let all Malaysians we continue to contribute. Together we make them happy.

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