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Mock Up Cheque Presentation Ceremony At Alghazali School

Mock Up Cheque Presentation Ceremony at Alghazali School

13/01/2018 – In a blessed Friday morning, a simple ceremony was held with Al-Ghazali Integrated Tahfiz School in Bandar Saujana Putra, Jenjarom, Selangor. The ceremony was attended by Harum President, Tn Sayed Khairul b Syed Mizan, Secretary General, En. Abu Bakr, and several Harum members.

Al-ghazali School is a school established under Harum education project (CLICK HERE). Starting from May 2017 up to 31/12/2017, a total of RM100,000.00 has been provisioned by HaRUM for the expenses of Al-Ghazali School. (CLICK HERE)

The morning ceremony was entertained by the melodious voice of qasidah by the students, and started with the welcome speech from Al-Ghazali School Principal, Ustaz Amir and followed by the speech of HaRUM’s President.

In HaRUM President’s speech, Tn Syed Khairul stated among the reasons why Al-Ghazali School has been chosen as one of the HaRUM education projects is because Al-ghazali integrates madrasah education system with mainstream education, which at present many parents wish their children to get religious education without being left behind in mainstream education that exists today. This adopted integration system corresponds with manhaj brought by Imam Al-Ghazali which did not disregard the balance between the world and the hereafter in line with the mission of al-ghazali school which is to produce professionals in various employment sectors who possessed Tauhid Ihsan, Mahabbah Rasul and noble soul and behaviour in order to benefit the religion and ummah in the future.

Once the speech ended, a replica cheque was handed over to the Al-Ghazali school prinicipal, Ustaz Amirul. The event then, was followed by photography session with all the teachers and students

We would like to thank all the contributors who have contributed through HaRUM for their contribution has enabled us to sustain the Al- Ghazali school education project. May HIS blessing be showered upon all the contributors.


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