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(Meeting with Team HaRUM Sabah)

The year 2017 has just ended. But for HaRUM there is no such as thing as taking a break. The endavour to spread love and happiness still needs to be pursued.

HaRUM President Tn. Haji Sayed Khairul Mizan with two of its representatives, Ms. Aireen the Domestic & International Relations Officer and the Head of Media Unit II, En. Akmal have flown to Kota Kinabalu to hold a meeting with HaRUM Sabah team. The objectives of the meeting is to devise the implementation strategy of the mission and activities of HaRUM in Malaysia especially in Sabah for the year 2018.

Also present was Mr. Roslan, President of HaRum sabah, Mr. Razlan, the Adviser of HaRUM Sabah who is also the Chairman of Sabah KUN as well as HaRUM Sabah Committee members.

Many things have been discussed and refined in order to enhance the communications and management in HaRUM organization involving funds matters, Media work, cooperative relations with local and international NGOs as well as the planning of several HaRUM humanitarian missions throughout 2018. Tn Haji Sayed Khairul Mizan always reminds and re-emphasizes the objectives, mission and vision of HaRUM to all committee members.

HaRUM has also scheduled meetings with several parties here including YADIM, I-MEDIK and Nurul Musthofa Sabah Welfare Organization (PKNMS) as well as some important individuals here to establish cooperative relationship with them.

We hope that the meeting with HaRUM Sabah team will be a stepping stone towards empowering HaRUM in playing its role of spreading Love and happiness. Thank you to all
strivers and activists for the passion and cooperation shown.


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