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12th June 2017

Delegation from HaRUM and ACF (Adam Charitable Foundation) have collaborated in conducting humanitarian mission in Kemboja. With the support from local Islamic institute, Rafath an Nur in Kemboja we managed to identify 200 underprivileged families around the madrasah that are eligible to receive aid and contribution from the Ramadhan Kitchen Project that were organized by HaRUM and ACF.

The contribution more or less could help the families in preparation for their daily provision during the month of Ramadhan. They were very touched to receive such small contributions even though it is nothing compared to the hardship that they are facing.

We were touched to see smiles on their faces in appreciation of the bounties that God has bestowed upon them. It was very sad to know that beneath the smiles, some of them have to bear the burden of being neglected and left alone by their children.

May this Ramadhan bring forth a thousand blessing to all of them.

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