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RIBAT NGO Meeting From Turkey In Cotabato, Philippines.

RIBAT NGO meeting from Turkey in Cotabato, Philippines.

During the meeting with IHH, HaRUM had an opportunity to meet a representative from RIBAT an N.G.O from turkey who happens to visit IHH on the same day.  RIBAT or known as Ribat Insani Yardim is an NGO based in Konya, Turkey. Their mission and vision are more focused on the corners of education development especially for children.

Various ideas and experiences shared by them at meetings to further strengthen the management of the next HaRUM Education Pioneer Project.

During the discussion, HaRUM was invited by RIBAT to accompany them to carry out distribution items for children at the orphanage UGUR SULEYMAN SOYLEMEZ in Cotabato, South Philippines.

Mr. Seyid Duman from RIBAT is very happy and honored to receive the visit from HaRUM and expressed his desire to cooperate with HaRUM in future humanitarian missions in the archipelago. He also invited HaRUM to visit their headquarters in Konya, Turkey to discuss joint ventures that can be realized together in carrying out humanitarian and compassion missions around the archipelago.

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