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After several weeks of negotiation and waiting for the right time to carry out Humanitarian Missions in Marawi,  an NGO from Philippines, “MINSUPALA Realm Intergration for Diversity Inc” have volunteered to cooperate with HaRUM in carrying out Humanitarian Missions activities in Marawi.

Many thanks to the contributors, all the donations we be use as well accordingly for Marawi people. Although the amount is not so big but at least managed to reduce the burden of a number of people there.

For information, donation for Marawi is still open and for those who want to contribute can contribute to:

Maybank Acc.

5624 7814 6397

Pertubuhan Ikatan Kekeluargaan Rumpun Nusantara

Allied Nexus Of Nusantara Communities (HaRUM)

All of our activities at Marawi will be update from time to time through HaRUM official facebook account .

Lets pray for our safety there and this humanitarian mission succeeds there.

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