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Peace and Love.

Tortured, raped, killed without cause, the burden borne by Rohingya has offended millions of people.

The mark or person with true Faith is to love his other brother just as love himself.  Lately, the issue of human rights violations of Muslims in Arakan is escalating.

They were killed without sin and error, they were burned alive because he wanted to defend the religion and the country, women are raped without mercy, toddler off with cruelty, dead bodies, stuffed into sacks and thrown into the river, clear river turned into a river of blood. Old citizen, pregnant women, children – young children need to cross the mountains and through rivers appearance sometimes exceed their breasts, only to escape and seek refuge in nearby countries from the grip of tyranny of the government.

On 08/09/2017,  HaRUM along with 104 other NGOs present at the event organized by the Sinar Harian, Sinar4Rohingya: Solidarity For Humanity located in Karangkraf, Shah Alam. We take the spirit of unity and cooperation for collective and integrated with other NGOs as a sign of solidarity Muslims Malaysia in particular and all people in the world at large as awareness campaigns and measures to put an end to this injustice.

On 12/09/2017, HaRum also as one of the NGOs that will play a role in the Secretariat SINAR4ROHINGYA which involve another 104 NGOs, as a major effort to stop the violence against the Rohingya in Myanmar. Apart from helping Rohingya in Myanmar, the establishment of the secretariat was also established to assist the Rohingya refugees who are also in Malaysia. Many things are discussed, especially to send emergency aid in the form of four factors:

  1. Food and drinks
  2. Clothing and blankets
  3. Tent or shelter
  4. Medications

As at 09/12/2017, Sinar4Rohingya has managed to collect more than RM200,000 for the four factors mention above.

We continue to help us to help them. If we need doctors to treat, they also need. If need a school for education, they also need. They are also a human being as we are now and have the right to live in peace and harmony.

Help them on the basic of Love and Peace.




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