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“Magandang Gabi sa Lahat, nai iba man ang lahi pero i isa ang layunin”

Assalamualaikum and a very good evening to all of you.

Our honorable Ltc Jonjie C Juguilan from AFP, 549 engineering battalion. Thank God; The Merciful The Almighty Allah, we are here, together with everyone for Tulong Marawi Now.

I’m Hanif Ibrahim, Director of Harum’s Qurban project in Southern Philippines. First, allow me to express my feelings towards each and everyone here.

I love you all

“Mahal Ko kayong lahat”

We think it is not too late for us to wish everyone Happy Eid Adha.

Brother and Sisters,

For Your Information, We would like to update the collection for Qurban 2017 that has been raised from our fellow contributors managed by HaRUM:

1- Rohingya – 3 cows & 3 goats
2- Fattani – 2 cows & 3 goats
3- Vietnam – 4 cows
4- Laos – 2 cows
5- Cambodia – 25 cows & 10 goats
6- Southern Philippines – Marawi, sulu & tawi-tawi – 53 cows

And the highest amount of cows that has been distributed is here in Marawi which bring the total of 38 cows.

All of these could not happened without the help of our loving Malaysian families and friends that has contributed towards achieving what we have achieved today. Our love and concern to those in Marawi. Muslim brothers and sisters in Southern Philippines are always in our heart.

For the first time in My Life i saw Muslims and Non-Muslims working hand in hand to ensure the success of this program. As you know, Qurban is synonym to Muslim but we are all here despite the differences in religion for a common goal, spreading love and peace for all. The effort from everyone despite the differences has shown that we could all bring peace back again.

(a big round of applause for our non muslim families)

Great Effort from everyone. You all did great things today.

This is the beauty of the Philippines, the Muslims and the Non-Muslims live peacefully with high tolerance and love with each other. We at HaRUM urge everyone here in the Philippines to maintain its peacefulness because this is what makes the Philippines so special. We have witnessed ourselves, it’s beauty and its peacefulness ever since our first humanitarian mission here in Southern Philippines since 2012.

HARUM and our friend MINSUPALA are just names to two organizations here. It’s just a form. Few days ago, We came here as volunteers, but today we are here, as a one FAMILY.

We are working together today as a family, We are gathering together today as one family.

In the past, we have been bonded with similar history, cultures and heritage. Also some of are related by blood. If we look at each other, we look much a like.

“We might be different but actually we are same”

“nai iba man ang lahi pero i isa ang layunin”

This goes accordingly with Harum objectives. Our mission is to reunite families and societies which shares the common goal values, race, language of love, cultures, socioeconomic and others.

Brothers and Sisters,

As our understanding about Qurban, it can only be distributed and meant for muslims.

However there are views of other Islamic scholars and can be found in their books, that it can also be distributed to non Muslims too. Surely, the different views of Islamic scholars is a rahmat (mercy) for mankind.

HARUM feels that based on the current situation and what has happened to the victims of the Marawi conflicts, we chose to implement the view that the meat of Qurban can also be distributed to the non muslim.

Allah said in the Quran,

“Allah does not forbid you from dealing justly and kindly with those who did not fight against you in the matter of religion nor drove you out of your land. Surely, Allah loves the doers of justice (those who deal with equity)” (Al-Mumtahanah :8)

Our beloved prophet Muhammad Pbuh said :

None of you has faith until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself ” (HR Bukhari)

Every human being deserves a share of empathy and compassion, regardless of their religious choices. If the Muslims and others united upon this principle, love, compassion, peace and justice would be spread throughout the earth.

And last but not least, we  all Malaysians, hope that the conflict in Marawi will be solved the soonest possible, In shaa Allah. We strongly believe that there is always a hope for peace in Marawi.

Thank you to all our families here. We love you and we will miss all of you. We hope to see everyone again.

Pangako Sayo.



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