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We are very lucky to be given an opportunity to go to one of the evacuation centre in Marawi. It broke our hearts to see children, elderly women and families in the over-crowded and unsanitary centre. Some of the children were playing and some of them were sleeping. Families of up to a dozen people sleep together in a very tight corner. The place was cluttered and with unpleasant smell. We felt sorry for them to live in that kind of situation, and especially to the children who have lost their parents due to the conflict.

From what we observed, what they need is clothes, food, medicines, soap, diapers and others. Is very sad when we’ve been told that some of them have not eaten more than three days.

They also told us about their sadness and difficulties, the destruction of their hometown, about longing for family members who have separated away from them and so many more. When we asked them on their expectations and hope from Malaysians, their only answer was for us to pray for them. To pray for the conflict to end soon.

This situation made us realized how lucky are we in Malaysia. We live in peace and prosper. Everything is still under control though sometimes we had issues. Our life still leads to a normal life. Despite how thankful we are; we cannot ignore the fact that our neighbors are now suffering.

In line with HaRUM principles to keep the peace, negotiation and non-violent conflict resolution as a basis regard to race, religion and skin colour; everyone has the right to live in peace and prosperity.

So let us all Malaysians, spread our love and help our brothers in Marawi and Mindanao. With God willing, on August 30th HaRUM will run a humanitarian mission and qurban for the Marawi community. Help us to help them.

Maybank Account  Number : 5624 7814 6397

Allied Nexus of Nusantara Communities

For further information, please call:

Sayed Khairul – 012 372 0725 Aireen – 012 336 170

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