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Day Two, 27 June 2017

On the 2nd day of the conference, In the morning, its raining and the temperatures reach to 12C, We drove the car and heading to Trivot Row House located in the University of Edinburgh.

In addition to the agenda for the presentation of financial statements and reports of the activities from 2015-2016, today’s main sessions are the current progress reports in their respective regions and the presentation of resolutions by UNPO members.

Sulu gets 2nd place for the presentation from 11 delegates requesting to expand, change or make new resolutions. Resolution presented and approved at the General Assembly is very important as it will determine the direction of the minority representatives after this General Assembly to bring their voices and wishes to their respective governmental levels and to gain international attention and support.

Being in the historic hall of the Trivot Row House and listening to the stories of fate and the struggle for the denied rights, making us realize how lucky we are in Malaysia, living in peace. In the case of any issues in the country, it is still under control and people still continue their life as normal. Nevertheless, do not neglect and always be alert in ensuring the harmony of the country as there always have an irresponsible that will disturb the country’s peace

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