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Edinburgh, 28 June 2017 – HaRUM congratulates Mr Nasser Boladai for being appointed once again as the president of UNPO. A representative of HaRUM, was given an opportunity to meet with the UNPO president right after the closing ceremony of the 13th General Assembly.

The delegates of HaRUM are very fortunate to have received such opportunity and to be able to hear motivating words from the president. Mdm Norliyana, as HaRUM’s legal advisor, had the chance for a short interview with the UNPO president in which a lot of useful tips and information was shared by the president himself.

Mr Nasser Boladai stated that UNPO is an international body and it is important for UNPO to work globally with other NGOs to fulfill our mission of peace which is demanded by all minor communities without the need for commotion, violence, war and bloodshed.

He also stated that negotiation with all parties involved is key and the best solution for every conflict is through the path of affection, security and peace.

The UNPO president was interested in the HaRUM’s principles in carrying out humanitarian missions. He’s looking forward to collaborate with HaRUM for international humanitarian missions especially in solving the conflict of rights among the minor territories that are members to UNPO.

On that account, HaRUM is very pleased to have accepted the president’s offer to collaborate in future missions. HaRUM will also give its full support to UNPO for as long as peace is in the agenda. This was affirmed by HaRUM’s very own president when he highlighted the tagline for the organization which is “Faith, Love and Happiness”.

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