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The participation of HaRUM’s  to the 13th UNPO General Meeting at Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh,
Scotland provided the opportunity to build cooperation with several humanitarian organizations and international
humanitarian activists.

HaRUM President Tn Syed Khairul Mizan and Advisor Tn Hj Razali has taken the opportunity to mingle around  with Prof. Dr. Ali Watson as Founder and Chairman of the Third Generation Project (www.thirdgenerationproject.org). TGP also bring similar aspirations as HaRUM which is, Togetherness, Tolerance, Peace and Compassion. Their activities centered on St. Andrew University, Edinburgh. To date they are actively pursuing humanitarian activities in Europe and Africa.

Prof. Dr. Ali is very excited by the family values ​​of Abraham a.s (covering all the nations of the world) brought by HaRUM that goes beyond race and religion. He also admitted that militant and terrorist issues should not have been linked to Islam or any religion as it involved extremist militias denied by all religions.

Dr Ali also welcomed the offer to cooperate with HaRUM and ready to assist HaRUM in sharing and presenting the results of Research and Development (RnD) in the relevant issues. 

It is a golden opportunity for HaRUM as she himself is one of the  United Nations (UN) referrals and humanitarian researchers.

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