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Sunday 2nd july is the last day for harum’s team in Leeds, before we left for Edinburgh, we stopped at Ustaz Daud Norakit’s house upon on his invitation. He is a former lecturer who has lived in UK for 20 years since 1996.

Ustaz Daud is a friendly man and we call him ayah(Father), he and his family welcome us and treat us as if we have known each other a long time ago.  Event he left the country many years ago, but seem the Malay culture(custody) remain with him as they served us with Malay cuisine and we ate as like at home.

There are a lots of stories that he shared, as we already knows he is a centered person who all Malaysian referred to after arriving here.

He is active with NGOs and society, not only for Muslim community in leeds but also around UK. the interesting fact around here is Singapore, Malaysian and Indonesian like to do activities together, besides that, India,Pakistan,Africa and Arabs communities are also actively doing activity here.

Usually, activity here is more into strengthening family relationship. especially in mosque, they recite Al-quran , Islamic studies classes and education for children.

At this moment, there are no activity that involve local NGOs with Muslim community especially from Malaysia, for this opportunity Harum suggested that one day, a joint activity can be carried out with the involvement of local community, NGOs led in Leeds and HaRUM. Inline with HaRUM mission, to spread love and family regardless of religion and race.

Till we meet Ayah again in the future.

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