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Casual meeting with HaRUM Sarawak team members.

After a few days of strategizing HaRUM future activities in Sabah, HaRUM has spread its wings to Bumi Kenyalang, Sarawak.

HaRUM President Tuan Haji Sayed Khairul Mizan together with HaRUM Project & Youth Leader, En.Naim Hashim have flown to Sibu, Sarawak to hold a meeting with HaRUM Sarawak team. The purpose of the meeting is to streamline the implementation strategy of HaRUM 2018 activities in Sarawak for it to be aligned with the vision and mission of the central HaRUM.

Also present were En Khairul Anam President of HaRum Sarawak, Mr. Awang Muslim HaRUM Sarawak Advisor as well as committee members of HaRUM Sarawak.

In this casual brainstorming session, many things have been discussed to strengthen HaRUM Sarawak team from the perspective of media and communication in the management and implementation of HaRUM Sarawak. In addition, among things discussed was the strategy of HaRUM Sarawak in establishing Networking or Partners with local NGOs in order for the mission & vision of HaRUM to be propagated more easily, quickly and effectively, especially for the people in Sarawak.

Tn Haji Sayed Khairul Mizan has also inspired all members of HaRUM Sarawak committee to move wisely, systematically with full of spirit and enthusiasm in conducting humanitarian missions and spreading love and salaman in the land of kenyalang.

In a two-days visit, HaRUM has arranged for a few meeting sessions with local NGOs such as MyCare Sibu and Skuad Kasih Sayang and also with some important individuals in Sarawak to establish a cooperative relationship with them in the effort to unite the land of Sarawak under one umbrella of humanitarian and love.

May this meeting be a source of encouragement for HaRUM Sarawak team to step forward in a more confident manner in order to fulfill HaRUM missions & visions successfully. Thanks for the sincerity and the spirit of togetherness shown by those involved.


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