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Do you know that there are still a lot of our brothers in the South Eastern Region that living in a state of starvation?

Up till now there are still some of them who can only afford to taste meat once in a year?

In Southern Philippines, especially in the state of Marawi a lot of our brothers that are suffering and living in an impoverished state with no proper shelter and lacking clean sources of water and food due to the conflict that is happening right now in Marawi?

How wonderful would it be if we could share in our bounties and give hope as well as a bit of prosperity to them?

How can you contribute? How can you make a difference?

Come! Join us in contributing to HaRUM’s Sacrifice of Love mission. We will be working with NGO over there in preparing and distributing food of sacrificial feast of Eid Al-Adha to all our brothers in Southern Philippines especially in MARAWI.

We would like to invite and encourage all to participate in Sacrifice of Love for Marawi 2017 mission together with HaRUM.

How much does it cost?

HaRUM has determined that the cost for 1 part for the sacrifice is RM650, which includes cost of raw material or ingredients in preparing the food (due to the fact that they could not afford even to buy raw ingredients to prepare the food).


Payment in participation for this sacrifice, aqiqah and nazar can be banked in directly to HaRUM’s (Pertubuhan Ikantan Kekeluargaan Rumpun Nusantara) Maybank account

5624 7814 6397

All receipt will be issued after payment and payment slip have been received by HaRUM. HaRUM will also be providing certificate of participation to all participants within 2 weeks after Eid Al-Adha celebration.

Should there be any inquiries or further info needed with regards to this mission please do not hesitate to contact any of our following representatives:

Pn Maria: 013-434 8262
Encik Akmal: 018 – 272 2972
En Naim : 017-349 0979
En Zuhdin : 012 – 321 2553

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