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The last session for General Assembly was also held in the same place as yesterday but in a different hall.
Today’s focus is on debate and consensus on UNPO’s official resolution in conjunction with the 13th General Meeting.

In addition, voting sessions are held to appoint a new Presidency Board for the 2017-2019 session, while for the post of President, Vice President and Secretary-General are retained without any new election. In line with the increasingly challenging role of UNPO, another Vice President has been appointed.

The session ended at 1 pm (local time), and is among the best conferences in preparation to face greater challenges in line with today’s Geopolitical and Geo strategic world.

HaRUM gained a valuable experience, has the opportunity to share information with various parties,
build a new networks and some policy agreements to collaborate with UNPO and other parties hereafter.

As the only NGO representative from Malaysia to attend this conference is adheres to the principles of peace, negotiation and non-violence as the cornerstone of conflict in the region.

We are all descendants of Adam regardless of race, religion and skin color,  which all of us are entitled to a safe and prosperous life, to love and to build a better world, especially for future generations.


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