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(Cooperative Coalition Between HaRUM and i-Medik Central)

In a follow up to the meet up held with Sabah i-Medik in early January of this year, HaRUM team had proposed several meet up together with i-Medik Central to discussed on a few items related to future humanitarian mission as well as a discussion on establishing a cooperative coalition with i-Medik.

All praise to Allah with His blessings the meeting between HaRUM and i-Medik Team together with I-Medik Central represented by Prof. Dr. Azizi as the i-Medik Secretary General, Prof. Madya Dr. Rafidah as i–Medik Vice President 2 dan En. Muhammd Zubair as Central Committee of a Associated Science Sector that was held in Bangi went on smoothly.

The discussion started with a few words or encouragement from Prof Dr Azizi as the reprecentative of the host together with a video montage presentation on i-Medik and briefing on the mission, vision and obectives of their NGO besides an introductions between representatives from both sides of the attendees.

From what we have seen and understood, the focus and objective of i-Medic was clear in terms of developing the civilization of Islamic Medicine in Malaysia. They have 4 core pillars that form the basic fundamental in realizing this vision which is through the strengthening of self-worth, education, research and humanitarian efforts.

Among the many programs and activity that they have conducted are Medical Science and Health Convention, National Woman’s Health Convention, Medical Philosophy Symposium, and SayNoToZina Campaign. They are also very active in publishing books and articles that answers and addresses common topics with regards to today’s latest medical and health issues

It is already known by many that the majority of i-Medik team themselves are amongst medical professionals such as doctors, medical practitioners, dentist, nurses and medical science practitioners.

We are very much impressed by their exemplary effort that shows great commitment in willing to spend their precious time and energy in service to the community.

Indeed we are very happy and thankful when they agreed to work together with us in future humanitarian efforts especially in providing treatment, medical care and healthcare to the communities in Malaysia and the whole Malay Archipelago especially in the South of the Philipines.

May this bond of partnership be the foundation of virtue and righteousness that will spread to all communities in the Malay Archipelago.

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