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In spite of HaRUM’s effort to pursue our humanitarian mission this Ramadhan, more help is needed by the unfortunate.

While we are busy with our aim to achieve greatness in this world and the hereafter, our brothers and sisters in southern Philippines are being tested with a misfortune. Almost 200,000 Muslims in Marawi has now lost their homes when the Philippine army launched air and artillery attacks on rebel groups in southern Philippines.

The attack forced the local people to seek shelter in schools, camps, and from relatives and had caused them to live in shortage. It is more heartbreaking that it happened in the last 10 days of Ramadhan when we are preparing for Syawal which is just around the corner.

Hence, in the principles of humanity, peace and love, HaRUM calls for all parties, be it country leaders or NGOs especially in the archipelago, to be able to help the Muslims there. HaRUM is against the approach of war that has been carried out and the execution of laws which not only have a negative impact internally but also across the archipelago.

Indeed, we are all brothers and sisters and on the principles of brotherhood and togetherness, we are to help them with the conflicts that occurred while they are oppressed.

HaRUM is launching an emergency fund for Marawi and our team will be heading there very soon to provide whatever help they need. HaRUM anticipate help from all of you for the humanity mission in Marawi (Humanitarian Mission in Marawi).

Any monetary contribution may be channelled through the account detailed as below:

Pertubuhan Ikatan Kekeluargaan Rumpun Nusantara
Maybank – 562478146397

May Allah protect this archipelago from the flowing tears and blood of innocent children.

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