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“TOGETHERNESS”, the KEY of success.

Kasih Nusantara Charity Sales


Sunday, 10 December 2017- As early as 6.30 am, 15 HaRUM volunteers were already present at the ‘CarBoot Sales’ site at CBS Kota Damansara to prepare for the ‘Kasih Nusantara Charity Sales’ project.

The project is an innitiative by HaRUM volunteers themselves as a joint effort to raise funds for the Tabung Kasih Nusantara. Vice President of HaRUM, Dr. Zuhdin was also present to help and give moral support .

All praise to God, since early morning until the end of the program the flow of visitors were non stop and very encouraging. Some of the visitors bought in bulk to show support for HaRUM humanitarian mission. Total sales revenue also exceeded expectation.

Even more touching, when a seller around the sales site came and donated several luggages and merchandises for our future charity project and also prayed for the success of HaRUM’s missions and efforts.

For your information, due to the positive response and requests received from various individuals and parties, InshaAllah HaRUM will be conducting the ‘Kasih Nusantara Charity Sales’ project fortnightly.

Thank you and congratulations to HaRUM volunteers and all parties involved. The success of such a program is not a priority but the value of togetherness, the spirit of cooperation and the love that emerges in every soul in spreading peace and joy is the true meaning of success.

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